About CCCT

first 1 copy Our aim is to connect volunteers with treatments of the future while ensuring that they make informed decisions. We achieve this by seeking innovative and beneficial clinical trials and providing candidates with comprehensive information. We strive to go above and beyond by providing essential services, such as accurate reporting, with quality, precision, and friendliness. In order to keep our volunteers up to date and informed, we contact individuals in our database by telephone and e-mail to provide them with updates and reviews of trials.

We are proud to be an integral link in the scheme of clinical trials. Due to the great progress made through these trials, many suffering from debilitating diseases are living longer with improved quality of life. We take great pleasure in knowing that we are part of this invaluable process.



“Thought it appropriate to provide you with feedback about my medication trial sessions. Each visit has been a positive experience including the complimentary meals. Staff involved with my sessions is; professional, very helpful and responsive to questions and concerns raised. Based on my experience with the clinic I would be comfortable in recommending the clinic and services to others. Should you have any additional questions do not hesitate to contact me directly”