Frequently Asked Questions

What to expect?
After you sign up for a clinical trial, you can expect a call from our staff to assess your eligibility. If you decide to participate in a trial and pass the telephone pre-screening, you will be asked to come to the office for a more thorough screening visit.

Following successful screening, one of our qualified staff members will go over the clinical trial in detail. You will have the opportunity to review the consent form at this time. All of our staff members are trained to ensure that all of your questions and concerns are addressed before you are enrolled in the trial.

What happens if I’m not eligible to participate in a trial?
If you sign up for a trial but are deemed ineligible, CCCT will add you to our Potential Candidates Database and will contact you as soon as a suitable trial becomes available. You are not obligated to join any of the trials by adding your information to our database. You can also request to be removed from our database at any time.

How much is compensation?
Compensation for clinical trials varies depending on the type of study. Each clinical trial entails different procedures; hence, compensation differs from trial to trial. You can expect greater compensation if a trial requires overnight stays, IV infusions, multiple doses of medication, or full-day stays at the clinic. You should not be financially dependent on trial compensation. We suggest that participants continue their regular work positions.

In order to determine the compensation provided for a specific trial, please contact our office to learn which trial you might be suitable to participate in. We ask that you do not falsify or omit any personal or medical information when trying to establish eligibility, as it could result in harm and/or termination from the trial.

Do I need to keep seeing my Family Physician after enrolling in a trial?
You should never discontinue visits with your family physician. While you will have 24-hour access to a physician and study staff, your general health care remains with your family physician. Additionally, please ensure that your family physician and all other medical professionals who are responsible for your care and wellbeing are aware of your involvement in the clinical trial. Any developments that your attending physician(s) believes to be related to the trial should be reported to the trial site as soon as possible.