Physicians / Investigators

The Canadian Centre for Clinical Trials (CCCT) is always looking for innovative Physicians, Specialists, and Medical Professionals who wish to join our team in the pursuit of medical advancement.

Clinical Trial Investigators play an integral role in the development of new medications and technologies that can be used to battle and treat chronic and degenerative diseases while improving the quality of life of patients worldwide.

Clinical trials and their ensuing positive outcomes can impact the health of people around the world by bringing these advancements to the marketplace and making them readily available to those in need. There are many advantages to conducting clinical trials, including:

  • Being on the cutting edge of your therapeutic area of expertise
  • Collaborating with the brightest minds of our time
  • Preparing manuscripts for potential publication
  • Offering patients medical treatment that might not otherwise be available
  • Gaining familiarity with medications and therapies before they reach the market
  • Adding supplementary revenue to your medical practice for the time spent conducting clinical trials

If you wish to express your interest in becoming a Clinical Trial Investigator, or would like further information, please complete the “Become an Investigator” form. You will be contacted shortly regarding subsequent steps.