In order to ensure that your research needs and goals are met, we draw on several recruitment strategies developed to result in an optimal number of potential participants in the shortest time possible:

  • Effective Media Advertisement
    • Our customized advertisements target a substantial audience through the most suitable television and radio stations.
  • Telephone and Website Response Tracking and Reporting
    • Our customized program allows us to monitor the progress and success of our advertising campaigns quantitatively and qualitatively, tweaking campaigns and strategizing accordingly.
  • Online Study Registration Access
    • Patients and healthy volunteers can register on our web site if they wish to be contacted for more information.
  • Patient Referral Management
    • All referred patients are entered in to the database along with the referral source, allowing us to provide patients with updates and progress reports.
  • Continuous Campaign Monitoring
    • Our customized campaigns are consistently monitored and analyzed by our recruitment and marketing specialists to ensure effectiveness and success.
  • Patient Pre-Qualifying and Scheduling Service
    • Potential subjects are pre-screened with basic inclusion/exclusion criteria before they are referred to the appropriate clinical trial site.
  • Web-Based Outreach and Search Engine Marketing
    • Potential candidates are targeted through various web-based tools, such as tailored forums, blogs, and social networks. These techniques have been highly successful in attaining qualified candidates that meet protocol requirements.
  • Advanced Communication Devices
    • Our team ensures that our equipment is keeping up with the future. One example of this is our ability to coordinate our communication devices to receive calls and instantly route those calls outside of our company to the appropriate clinical sites.
  • Online Managing of Referral, Response, and Retention Activities
    • Our individualized program allows us to track all of our varied and comprehensive recruitment activities, providing insight into all campaigns and strategies. Detailed tracking also provides you with updated progress reports.