Our Facility

Our centre is primarily an outpatient facility. We boast a fully-equipped lab with the capacity to provide services such as Venipuncture, EKGs, and Pulmonary Function Tests. Our clinic is outfitted with a refrigerator and a freezer, with the capability to keep specimens down to -18 degrees Celsius, cooling centrifuge for sample processing, ultrasound machine, clinical lab, ECG machine, spirometer, patient exam and treatment rooms, adequate space for monitor visits from sponsors, updated emergency crash cart, secured storage rooms, and secure temperature-controlled drug facilities.

We possess the latest technology and convenience required to address and support the needs of our patients and sponsors. Our medical records are entirely computerized and protected in a secure area. We have access to high-speed Internet, used for medical records, research, and patient education. Our facility is easily accessible by public transportation, such as TTC, VIVA, and YRT.