SR&ED Consulting Services

The SR&ED Tax Credit is offered by the Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA) to encourage businesses to conduct research and development by offering tax benefits. To qualify for the SR&ED tax credit, your research, with or without practical application, should be conducted with the goal of advancing scientific knowledge.

You may qualify for SR&ED tax credit if you:

  • Conduct prospective or retrospective clinical trials
  • Create systematic reviews and meta-analyses
  • Introduce new treatment protocols or procedures
  • Invent new medical devices
  • Develop medical software or applications

Since the requirements for filling out an SR&ED application are often confusing and complex, our consulting service is designed to help physicians and small organizations navigate SR&ED claim preparations.

We are offering the following:

  • Review your company’s eligibility criteria
  • Clarify which project and expenses will qualify
  • Review and assess all required documentation
  • Preparing technical documentation and application materials
  • Assistance for review and audits processes