SR&ED Research Consulting Services

Have you wanted to take advantage of the Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR&ED) Tax Incentive Program but don’t have the time or means to write a research proposal?

Do you have research aspirations but lack the support needed to execute them?

At the Canadian Centre for Clinical Trial, we offer Research Consulting Services to assist you in taking advantage of this excellent program.

What is the SR&ED Tax Incentive Program?

The SR&ED tax credit is offered by the Canadian Revenue Agency to encourage businesses to conduct research and development by offering tax benefits.

The SR&ED tax credit is offered in two ways:

  1. Allowing you to deduct qualifying expenses incurred from research and development activities
  2. Offering an investment tax credit that reduces the amount of your payable income tax

Deductible expenses include:

  • Salary or wages
  • Material expenses
  • Overhead and other expenses
  • Third-party payments

What kind of work qualifies for the SR&ED tax credit?

To qualify for the SR&ED tax credit, your research, with or without practical application, should be conducted with the goal of advancing scientific knowledge.

Examples of qualifying research projects include:

  • Prospective studies
  • Retrospective chart review
  • Systematic review and meta-analyses

How can our Research Consulting Services help you?

We offer a range of services to support your research endeavors.

Our services include:

  • Protocol writing
  • REB submission assistance
  • Data maintenance and analysis
  • Literature review, manuscript writing and editing
  • Administrative support and paperwork submission

Call us at (289) 597-0106 to find out how we can assist you today.

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